To reserve a private or semi-private event space, there is a food and beverage minimum purchase. The price quoted does not include tax and service charge and is based on your selected event date and time.



Food and beverage minimums mean there is a minimum amount that must be spent in order to secure your event space. The food and beverage minimum is required to be met regardless of the number of guests that attend. Events that fall short of their food & beverage minimum will be charged a food and beverage fee in the amount of the balance.



To ensure a successful event, we request that your menu selection and all function requirements be finalized 10 days prior to the date of your function.



The final guarantee of attendance for your event is due 3 business days before your event. After the guarantee is received, it is not subject to reduction. In the event that you do not provide a guarantee of attendance, the Restaurant will (a) use the original estimate of attendance provided by you, or (b) the number of persons in attendance, whichever is greater, to determine the charges for which you will be fully responsible, including service charges and taxes. If the final guarantee is lower than the original estimate, the Restaurant reserves the right to charge a rental (or additional charge) based on the food and beverage dollars originally estimated for your event.



There is a 20% service charge added to Food & Beverages ordered on the event banquet event order (BEO).



Events require full payment of charges at the completion of the event.



There is a $10 cake fee for desserts brought in. All dessert must be store bought. Alcohol products cannot be brought in. We reserve the right to request proof of legal drinking age when necessary. Food prices are subject to change after the original contracted date.



Should the client need to cancel, there will not be a cancellation charge if there is a 2-week notice. Events cancelled fewer than 48 hours prior to the reservation date or events resulting in a no-show, the guest will be charged the full private room food and beverage minimum.



Decorations or displays, excluding table centerpieces, brought into the Restaurant by the guest must be approved prior to arrival. Items may not be attached to any stationary wall, floor, window or ceiling with nails, staples, tape, or any other substance in order to prevent damage to the furnishings.



The Restaurant reserves the right to inspect and control all private functions. The guest agrees to be responsible for any damage to the Restaurant caused solely by the event guests, including but not limited to A/V equipment, furniture, and decorations. The Restaurant shall not be responsible for damage or loss of any merchandise or articles brought into the Restaurant, or for any items left unattended.